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How to add your Plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory

I’ve written countless plugins for WordPress over the years in work and for my own personal projects but never had I created on with the intention of adding it to the WordPress plugin directory until recently. This post outlines my experiences when writing my Tides Today WordPress Plugin and hopefully answers some of the questions I found myself asking.

This article is targeted at those adding a plugin to the WordPress plugin directory, especially if you have Git services like BitBucket or Github and have no experience with SVN.


New tutorials coming soon, tell me what you want!

New tutorials coming soon, tell me what you want!

Cutting a long story short, I’ve decided not to part with the site, and will resume writing tutorials. This is where you guys come in. Here’s the tutorials I’m planning to write in the coming weeks:

Using the comments field, tell me which you guys want to see first, or if there’s any other tutorial you’d like to see, let me know. Bye for now!