About Me

I'm a Lead Software Engineer based in Nantwich, Cheshire, England, building tools and services for the Cyber Security industry at a great little business called Th4ts3cur1ty.company. I love to travel, spend far too much time in a pub or a restaurant and settling into my 30's well and truly!

I love to cook, love music even more and go to gigs as often as I can. My time is generally spent working or with friends and family. Love the great outdoors and regularly climb mountains or go camping.

This site

Originally a WordPress site run from a Raspberry Pi 1, it's now a Ghost-powered blog, still reliably run from a Raspberry Pi, nowadays it's the more powerful Raspberry Pi 4.

Other projects and commitments

My other projects and commitments are below.

Raspberry Pi

I used to run a site, RaspiPress, which was a WordPress site run from a Raspberry Pi computer. I’ve since moved all the content from that site onto this one and continue to add Raspberry Pi related tutorials.

Tides Today

I work on a project called Tides today, it’s a site that provides 7 day tide, weather and maritime reports for over 8,000 world-wide locations.

Take a look and let me know your thoughts.


It's the current moon phase, as an emoji🌛! Just a bit of fun to do some learning around TailwindCSS. Check it out for yourself.