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Raspberry Pi Compute Module launches

Raspberry Pi Compute Module launches

The Raspberry Pi compute module launched today, the device intended for OEM to integrate Raspberry Pi into their own products. The Compute Module is essentially a Model B (minus IO) on a small board with SO-DIMM style connectivity. It can be installed on a development board, allowing the OEM to add peripherals that they see fit.


New tutorials coming soon – You choose what comes first!

Hi all loyal DingleBerry Pi readers! I’ve been really busy this year, and neglected the site a bit (my bad) but I’m ready to rock on with some more tutorials.

What do you guys want to see made in to a tutorial? I’m experimenting with DNLA on RPi at the moment, there’s of course WordPress installation on a RPi which is long overdue. I want to take the site in a new direction, tutorials for anything RPi and not just web related technologies.

Edit: Visitor figures

We’re averaging 3,300 visits a month now, and the site is still delivered rock solidly on a Raspberry Pi Server. This month has had the best visits to date, with a brilliant 3,523 visits from 2,693 individual visitors. I cannot emphesise enough how impressed I am by these little capable computers!

We’re excited moving forward, and we need your ideas! Sound off below!