I’m doing it again – giving away a free Raspberry Pi

Want a free Raspberry Pi? I’m looking to give one away to someone who is looking to embark on a Raspberry Pi-related project. All I ask is I can follow-up and write about it. Here’s what you need to do..

😍 FREE STUFF! 😍 Ok, Want to get a free Raspberry Pi 3+, USB with Raspberry pre-installed and a official Raspberry Pi case?

Free Raspberry Pi

βœ”οΈ DO: Follow me on Instagram, recommend me if you want (it won’t harm) and tell me what project you would use a free RasPi for. I’m looking for people of all abilities here, from those starting out to those who want to do something different, but I want to talk about your project. I’ll stretch to two for joint projects, but I’ll need proof. Genuine projects only.

❌ DON’T: Go silent on me; I want to add a post to my blog after I’ve given away the RasPi about your project. I’ll even help out on your project too (if I can). I’m keen to get more people involved, I’m funding this myself, it helps establish me in my field, and hopefully support my career progression – that’s my take from this.

βœ”οΈ So what have you got to lose! Get involved! (UK and EU only I’m afraid). Beer, keyboard and mouse not included πŸ˜‚

Hit the comments! This will be running to October 1st when this closes.



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3 Responses

  1. Kevin Leung says:

    How about using Rapsberry pi for mining cryptocurrencies:
    1) it’s power efficient
    2) has a good CPU capable to mining low difficulty altcoins

    I would focus on asic/gpu resistant coins, such as verium.

  2. meorbu says:

    Hi. Is it open to oversea? I’m from Malaysia.

  3. Syam says:

    I am all new to raspberry. I am looking for a guide

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