This is mainly for my own reference, but it will be useful for someone else coming across it too. I’m currently having to learn my way around Magento as part of a new role in work.

Magento has a number of indexes which need reindexing from time-to-time. Here’s the complete list of the ones in Magento 1.

Index KeyIndex Name
catalog_product_attributeProduct Attributes
catalog_product_priceProduct Prices
catalog_urlCatalog Url Rewrites
catalog_product_flatProduct Flat Data
catalog_category_flatCategory Flat Data
catalog_category_productCategory Products
catalogsearch_fulltextCatalog Search Index
cataloginventory_stockStock status
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Example usage – Programatically clearing a index process

So here’s a an example. You want to programatically clear the catalog search index programatically. Here’s the code snippet that would do this. Notice the Index Key being used from the table above.

/** @var Mage_Index_Model_Process $index */ $index = Mage::getModel('index/indexer')->getProcessByCode('catalogsearch_fulltext'); $index->reindexAll();

So if you wanted to clear a couple, you could do it in a loop like this:

foreach (['catalog_url', 'catalogsearch_fulltext'] as $indexKey) { /** @var Mage_Index_Model_Process $index */ $index = Mage::getModel('index/indexer')->getProcessByCode($indexKey); $index->reindexAll(); }

There you go, short but sweet, maybe useful to someone. Usual applies, any questions or feedback, do it below.