Check out my other project Keto Sea

Using CodeIgniter, I created a tide times website for locations across the UK

Check out my other project Keto Sea

Hey folks. I know Raspberry Pi’s and the sea don’t go hand in hand, but I’d like to share another one of my projects with you, Keto Sea.

Hosted on a Digital Ocean droplets, the site has a back end application running on one droplet and the website running from another. I did initially experiment a while back running the application on a Raspberry Pi, but despite CodeIgniter’s small footprint, the Raspberry Pi just didn’t have the power necessary to reliably run it.


The site, however could possibly be run from a Raspberry Pi. Have you run a CodeIgniter site from a Raspberry Pi? If so, let me know how you got on. In the meantime here’s the inevitable plug for my other pet project! Visit Keto Sea.