No static IP? Point a domain to your Raspberry pi with dynamic IP address

I received an email from Fiach Reid who has built a python script which allows you to point a domain that’s registered with NameCheap to a dynamic IP address.

This ultimately means that you don’t need to go down the potentially pricey option of ordering a static IP address from your broadband provider. Here’s his video:

Fiach has demonstrated on his own RPi hosted site (ServedWithPi) his Python script interacting with the NameCheap API to update his A records to match his dynamic IP address.

His website, Network Programming in .Net has more on this, and has a wealth of tutorials in CSS, .Net, BlackBerry development, as well as other Raspberry Pi related content.


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  1. Violet says:

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  2. SeeingNinths says:

    Thanks for all these great tutorials! I just wanted to add that name cheap’s api use isn’t free, from what I’ve seen. They also offer an option to update your IP by calling a URL with specific parameters to update one or all of your hosts names registered with them. I have a bash script that runs every minute that checks my current IP wit han IP that I’ve stored in a SQL database. If they’re different, it updates database and sends the command via URL. Pretty simple. Thanks again!

  3. Chloe says:

    Do you find any significant issues running a web server – or other types of servers (torrent, email, OwnCloud, etc.) – with a dynamic IP address on a domestic broadband ISP, that are to the detriment of the quality of experience when compared to a static IP service?

    I love your site and don’t really see any problem when I access it. Are you running on a dynamic IP?

  4. Jamie says:

    The way I do this is to add these lines to your /etc/crontab file and your DNS record will be updated to point to your current IP address once an hour. You can set it more or less frequently depending on how tolerant you are of a bit of downtime.

    * 1 * * * root echo “ip=`curl -s`” | curl -d @- “”
    * 1 * * * root echo “ip=`curl -s`” | curl -d @- “”

    If you’re in a hurry, you can always just run:

    > echo “ip=`curl -s`” | curl -d @- “”
    > echo “ip=`curl -s`” | curl -d @- “”

    from the terminal and they’ll update straight away. Also useful for debugging. You should get the response:

  5. Jamie says:

    Always forget that XML isn’t going to work in comments. Can you edit out that last bit please?

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    […] Ste W I received an email from Fiach Reid who has built a python script which allows you to point a […]

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