New tutorials coming soon – You choose what comes first!

Hi all loyal DingleBerry Pi readers! I’ve been really busy this year, and neglected the site a bit (my bad) but I’m ready to rock on with some more tutorials.

What do you guys want to see made in to a tutorial? I’m experimenting with DNLA on RPi at the moment, there’s of course WordPress installation on a RPi which is long overdue. I want to take the site in a new direction, tutorials for anything RPi and not just web related technologies.

Edit: Visitor figures

We’re averaging 3,300 visits a month now, and the site is still delivered rock solidly on a Raspberry Pi Server. This month has had the best visits to date, with a brilliant 3,523 visits from 2,693 individual visitors. I cannot emphesise enough how impressed I am by these little capable computers!

We’re excited moving forward, and we need your ideas! Sound off below!


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8 Responses

  1. Physics_Dude says:

    3,300 visits a months? Very well done!
    If I’m not mistaken, you had a tutorial in the works for running a Raspberry Pi server solely, or partially on an external storage medium. I became interested in this due to the fact that, from my experience, flash storage is often unreliable in the long-term. A mechanical hard drive on the other hand, albeit a bit slower, has a much longer R/W service life. It is for this reason I’ve been wishing to see such a tutorial.

    • zan says:

      I’m too interested in the ‘moving’ the install to an usb stick or external drive, just got my sd corrupted for nothing… really annoying!

  2. John says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could show us all how to turn a raspberry pi into a home media centre using xbmc and a remote / wireless keyboard. Is this possible?

  3. Alexander says:

    Might I ask what tool that is in the screenshot you use to monitor traffic? I’d love to use that on my Pi WordPress site. Thanks!

  4. David says:

    Is it possible to show us how to set up a Raspberry Pi with Owncloud ?

  1. 24th February 2013

    […] Ste W Hi all loyal DingleBerry Pi readers! I’ve been really busy this year, and neglected the site a […]

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