Free Raspberry Pi Model B

Free Raspberry Pi

You’ve not read it wrong, I really am giving away a Raspberry Pi computer! Now that the Model B has been upgraded to 512mb RAM and mine’s set to arrive this week, I have no use for the one that has been powering this site, so I’m giving it away!

How do I enter to be in for a chance to win a Raspberry Pi?

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me why you should win it, and what you would do for your own Raspberry Pi project. I’m not looking for anything creative here, you could just be replacing that ugly old beige Windows-based PC you’ve been using for years with it, or working on your own Raspberry Pi Web server.

What it’s been doing since I received it

This website is built on the popular CMS, WordPress. I knew when the Raspberry Pi launched that once Linux was installed, there was no reason why it couldn’t run Apache, PHP and MySQL. I took this one step further – this site is hosted on a Raspberry Pi web server, and WordPress works great on it!

The Raspberry PI I’m giving away is a 256mb Model B. It’s served well and never missed a trick, but the time has come to retire it from hosting the site, and for it to go to a new home. Tell me below why you should win and what you’d do with it.

What will I win?

  • Raspberry Pi Model B computer (256mb RAM model)
  • 4gb USB Flash Drive (With Raspbian pre-installed)
  • 2gb SD Card (boot instruction to boot from the USB Flash Drive)

The winner will be announced in the first week of December. Please subscribe to my newsletter from the home page to be kept informed of my projects and news. Please share the giveaway on twitter if you can. Good luck!


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47 Responses

  1. Dave Armstrong says:

    I would create a Granddad tracking system

  2. I’m from Brazil, living with the violence around me (near Rio de Janeiro). It is very hard to get one piece of that great hardware because of astonishing taxes imposed. So, the purpose of wanting one raspberry pi is to secure my house. I wan’t to make it record and share it (probably with motion), to get some kind of peace.
    Thanks for the dream.

  3. GilDev says:

    Ok, I try!
    I want a RaspBerry Pi to do too a WordPress server, a RaspBMC media-center, some retro games and maybe try to plug it with my other RaspBerry Pi to get a “super-computer” like I had seen on the RPi website.
    Thanks for this giveaway, and sorry for my bad english, I’m a french 14 years old boy who learn english on the computer. =)

    • GilDev says:

      Oh and NGinx isn’t more appropriate to do a webserv on the RPi? When I did my WordPress server on it, I used it because it’s more lightweight. By the way your link “Raspberry Pi Web server” on this post isn’t working.

      • Ste W says:

        Hi matey well spotted will fix this now! Not looked into NGinx, I know apache which is why I went for it, I feel an experiment coming on!!

  4. Charles Jordan says:

    Hi, I am a 13 year old boy, and I would use a raspberry pi to learn how to program, do something involving ham radio and a raspberry pi, and some other things!

  5. Vincenzo says:


    Would be great recieve this small wonder. I live in Brasil and the little miracle is very expensive here and i would be really happy to recieve one.
    I am looking to the community a long time now and i am only dreaming about one of theese small wonders.
    Hopefully i will get it, never won nothing in my life.

  6. Hi ,

    I would not keep the Raspberry Pi for myself , but would give it to my thirteen year old son , Jordan , who is learning Computer Science at school .
    He will learn from it and will I’m sure put it to far greater use than I could!

    As for myself , I’m looking to buy one of the new model b’s especially as they are now built in Britain!

    Great idea by the way , will keep tabs on your site!


  7. Lukas Crockett says:

    Hi im am 10 and live in the usa i would use the raspberry pi to learn to program i have two servers as well but barely know how to program so ya



  8. Adam says:

    I f I had the Raspberry Pi, I would love to develop a game on and for it. I would like to stretch its capabilities and see what it can produce and how it performs.

  9. Modestas says:

    If I would get a RPi I’d make a home NAS server – torrent box I always wanted. The ready made stuff is quite expensive.

  10. Ste W says:

    Some great suggestions for uses here. Its awesome to see how so many people would use the same device for very different purposes!

  11. lu says:

    integrate it into a home audio system for a complete media server.

  12. Benedikt says:

    Hello enthusiasts!
    I would run some webcrawlers and datamining tools on my Raspberry. Other great usages I’m thinking of are:
    1. RaspBMC
    2. Touchscreen enabled calendar

    Keep your great project going!

  13. Gabi says:

    I would use it to power my own webserver with php / mysql daemons, watch movies and build websites on it.

  14. Dr. Strangelove says:

    I will use mine to setup an online dating service for the upcoming apocalypse.

  15. Eike says:

    Hi, i have some Ideas using a Raspberry Pi. Raspbmc would be cool, to replace my old XBOX, an owncloud server would be nice or a project i am thinking about some time. To automatically open/close my window blinds, depending on the time or light outside and inside my apartment.

  16. John Rozsa says:

    I would run my website on it. w/ Apache

  17. If I win I’ll make a Cloud Server or give to my best friend.
    If I do not win, I’m sure it will be well used too

    Sorry for my poor english, but i’m from Portugal

  18. I would create a Raspberry Pi print server. Sounds dull, but would reduce the level of stress in our household considerably. At the moment, we have to trudge up and down the stairs carrying whatever laptop the work is on, plug it into the printer (providing we can actually reach the cable in my study-cum-workshop) and, frankly, stand on one foot while we do the whole ctrl-P thing as the floor of the room can barely be seen beneath old bits of computer. My daughter, for one, would love to be able to print her homework out without resorting to taking up contortionism. 🙂

  19. Pfahli says:

    I would use it as a backupserver for my homepage

  20. I’m in the process to develop a home automation system where a Pi would be perfect as a central node and Arduino as dynamic slave nodes.
    I have the Arduino part ready with communication via Radio (RF24) to a Linux PC, but thats noicy and power hungry…

  21. Andy says:

    I bought a raspberry pi, but it is now my 6 year old computer, so I need a new one for me I guess the raspberry pi foundation designed it for the likes of my son but I really wanted it for electronics projects.

  22. Carlos Luna says:

    Hi. I´m developing a graphical programming system which works under Windows and Linux (x86 processors). I´ve been working on porting it to the Raspberry Pi´s Linux (ARM processor) and I´ve had some success, but it still needs lots of work. I´m currently working using my dad´s Pi, but I´m sure one of these days he´s going to want it back! So if I can have your Pi it will help me finish my prototype and probably bring it to Kickstarter or something in order to complete the project. My idea is that once the project is stable and I´ve got enough funds to continue working on it, I can get my own setup (Pi and everything) and can give away your Pi again to someone who needs it. It would be nice if that person also uses the Pi as a starter for his/her project and then, once that project is working, he/she passes it on to the next person… a travelling Pi helping people with their projects. It would be interesting to see how many miles this Pi can travel and how many people this Pi can help.

    Anyway, I hope you like the idea, and if you decide to give the Pi to someone else, it would be nice if that person uses it the way I described.

    Oh, and yes, my son likes this little computer too – he´s happy learning to control the computer from the terminal!

  23. Jake Williams says:

    I want to make my own intranet service, I would be able to upload my files onto it, it would have my bookmarks on it and also maybe an email system.

  24. john says:

    i would sell it on ebay and buy food.

  25. Barrie says:

    I would make you something out of it… That is all that needs to be said! 😀

  26. Gustavo De la Mora says:

    I want to build a AirPlay audio system I saw at

  27. Mark says:

    Why not experiment with load balancing… It would be an interesting experiment. There are so many configurations you could try.

    As one is less powerful, maybe set one up as a static file cache… it could host all your images and JS. If you use a separate subdomain you will get improved page loads too (due to the limit on number of browser connection per domain).

    or you could take the last occet of the visitors ip address and split half the visitors to one server and the other half to the other.

    or you could set up one as a database server and the other as a webserver

    so many options… keep it… make something cool and share the result on here 😀

  28. H-level says:

    To be my personal log server something similar to a WordPress server.

  29. Andrius says:

    I will make it my pet monitor when they came home, it will notify me i should open the door 🙂

  30. RootShell says:

    Im going to use it to connect it to my touchscreen of my NDRIVE GPS and try to make some sort of touchscreen console using the NDRIVE CASE with the rasppi inside it 😉

  31. Brian says:

    I would use it to increase my knowledge of programming while my first one is running WordPress and can act as a documentation repository for me!

  32. Eric says:

    I would use my free Raspberry pi to watch streaming porn without using a lot of energy. Essentially I would be saving the planet.

  33. zack lemanski says:

    I hope to God this isn’t closed! Well, I’m a 14 year old g33k. I would use it as a multimedia server.

  34. Doug says:

    If I won the Pi I would set it up as a web server, following your excellent directions (brown-nosed, I know), and send it off to EDIS Austria to be hosted as a free-as-in-free colocation server, so that my 12 yr. olf daughter and her classmates can use it to host the web sites they’re making in their IT course in grammar school.

  35. Sam says:

    I’m 13 (b-day a few days ago :)) years old. I will create a Raspberry Pi Cluster and will run a search engine on it. I’ve developed a new ranking technology. I hope I could win your RPi.

  36. Mikkel Horn says:

    i want to set 2xOpen elec up en 2 different RPI’s
    have them sync there libary over a mysql databse on a 3ed pi and have all media on that pi/NAS/mysql also =)

  37. ilbreebchi says:

    If I get a raspberry pi, I would use it to build a device that displays the pc display on a tv wirelessly.

  38. Jordy Lok says:

    I want one for my network at home so i can connect with the raspberry pi to my terminal server so i don’t need to buy a couple of computers for my brothers and parents. It is useful, fast, power saving, you only need a mouse keyboard and a screen and internet connection.

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