The Software

It really doesn’t take that long to put together a functioning web server at all. Some of the server configuration consisted of changing the default password, disabling LXDE, pushing the memory allocation away from graphics and more towards system memory.

Once I configured the Pi and overclocked it, I installed the following packages:

  • Apache2
  • PHP5
  • MySQL-Server
  • VSFTPd
  • Postfix
  • PhpMyAdmin

There’s a little bit of configuration to do, with Apache Mod Rewrite needs to be enabled for example, and a default VSFTPd installation is geared of anonymous login only. I intentionally didn’t install a DNS server, Bind is quite hungry on the limited resources so I’m leaning on our Windows 2008 Web box to provide DNS.

Next was the WordPress installation, this went straight forward, and although a little slow initially, the speed wasn’t an issue. One thing which I did that has made the site perform really well is install a caching plugin. I can’t stress how much of a difference this has made. Without the caching plugin, it would simply be unfeasible to run WordPress from a Raspberry Pi.


I’ve written some guides of what I’ve done, so look out for them for greater detail into the project or as an aid in your own. Here’s the links to the various tutorials:

I’m working towards growing the number of tutorials, visit again for more news on the project or to find some more help with running your own WordPress web site from a Raspberry Pi web server.