The Project

When the Raspberry Pi was first announced, I looked into the feasibility of using one as a low-cost web server. In theory this was indeed possible; being a Linux-based computer, it could have Apache2, PHP and MySQL installed. The ultimate test was to see if theory could become reality and to take it a step further; actually running a WordPress powered web site from a Raspberry Pi computer.

Fast forward a few months, and after taking delivery of my own Raspberry Pi device, I did the necessary performance enhancing modifications, installed Raspian and all the LAMP servers and the end result is, this site is indeed hosted on a Raspberry Pi! That’s right – a WordPress powered web site operating from a £30 computer!

My intention is to expand the project further, documenting what I do along the way. Feel free to follow my progress, and over the next few months I’ll post various walk throughs and what I’ve done up to now. As always any ideas or comments are welcomed.