Hi all

This is the first post I’ve made in many many months. When I set out with this site, I aimed to prove what could be achieved with an inexpensive piece of hardware, and was staggered with how well a Raspberry Pi could host a fairly large-traffic site, and the community that’s grown on the site.

I feel that I’ve achieved what I set out to, so alas – this is the end for now. The site will stay online, it’s going nowhere, but I won’t personally be contributing any further articles for the foreseeable future. I am opening the site up for other people to contribute if they wish though.


If you want to know more about other projects that I’m actively pursuing, stay in touch via Twitter by following me on @ste_tweets. My career development is important to me and am pleased to share with everyone what we’ve been building at work. Visit Stockomendation for more information.

There’s two personal projects that are close to my heart, one is a forthcoming tidal predictions/maritime weather app/website, follow @getketo for more info. The other is a collaboration with a good friend, Sam Evans (@sdevans88) and will be a lifestyle website bringing news, reviews in food, tech, music and entertainment. Follow @livereview and visit Live Review for more information.

Big thanks from me, your thoughts on the future…

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to visit the site, and for personally getting in touch with me. I really appreciate the feedback, and it’s been a pleasure exploring using a Raspberry Pi as a web server with you all.

The site achieves around 16-18k visits a month, so it would be a shame for the story to end here. If you are interested in contributing to the site in my absence, please get in touch.

With thanks,
Ste Wright